Monday, March 26, 2012

Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing

This variation on the usual lemon flavoured cream cheese icing is delicious with any dense  cake or slice.

  • 250grams softened cream cheese
  • 100 grams dark chocolate
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1/3 cup icing sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  1.  Melt the chocolate in the microwave (using short 30 second bursts) or using a double boiler over lightly simmering water.
  2. Stir in the vanilla and cocoa powder.
  3. Add the vanilla chocolate mixture into the cream cheese and sugar.
  4. Beat all of the ingredients together until the mixture is light and fluffy. 

It's ready to be piped or spread onto your favourite treat.


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